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Pocket PC Forensic Software
  • Affordable and integrated mobile investigation tool.
  • Extract general information of Pocket PC/PDA devices.
  • Quick report generation of analyzed data.
  • Simple software provides user friendly interface.
  • Software facilitates with systematic help manual.

PDA mobile data analyzing tool extracts information from cell phone devices for investigating and documenting several criminal cases like kidnapping, robbery, murder etc. Palm PC device investigation utility provides mobile phone examination services in response to a growing need of Law Enforcement Community to access and extract information from the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and other similar mobile telecommunication devices. Software support all windows based Pocket PC devices, PDA cell phone, handheld pc, palm computer and more.

» What does DRPU Pocket PC Forensic Software do?

Handheld Computer Forensic Software Technology ensures to investigate the general or relevant information (about installed software/hardware architecture) of any windows based multimedia smart phone devices including:

OS Registry Files:

  • Installed applications on PDA device
  • Windows referencing operations
  • Profiles of each user

Database Files:

  • Name
  • Database types
  • Records
  • Short Orders

Files Information:

  • Path information
  • Creation time
  • Size etc.

Phone Information:

  • Phone book (mobile and sim memory)
  • Text messages (inbox, outbox, draft)
  • Mobile model number
  • Mobile IMEI number
  • Sim IMSI number
  • Phone task information
  • Service provider name
  • Mobile manufacturer name
  • Audio/Video files
  • Pictures and images
  • and other saved files/folders


Pocket PC Forensic Software

Pocket PC Forensic Software

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